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Jan Schlauer (
Sun, 11 Dec 1994 13:00:55 +0100

Dear "Dioecy",

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>of this region, the Pacific N.W. Oddly enough, I occasionally
>encounter marsh areas within the cactus habitat zones, where some members of
>Lentibulariaceae occur, such as Pinguicula vulgaris, and Utricularia vulgaris

Are you sure about the ID of these plants?

_Pinguicula vulgaris_ is sort of *rare* in the Pacific NW; it is mostly
replaced by _P.macroceras_ there. Do you have precise location (geographic,
habitat, altitude) data? I am especially interested in the southernmost
populations which reach N California and Oregon ("var.nortensis",
nom.nud.). Any further information is welcome.

_Utricularia vulgaris_ does not occur natively in N America, where it is
replaced by _U.macrorhiza_.

Kind regards