Re: Marijuana.

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Fri, 09 Dec 94 05:18 EST

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> For those of you who don't know of California's largest cash crop,
> she's referring to Cannabis sativa (Marijuana). I've heard many
> remarkable things about this plant, besides THC usage. I don't intend
> to turn this into a marijuana discussion. But - legalize it in the
> USA..
> A question on Heliamphora: Mine does not seem to be doing great. What
> is a good watering routine? Standing in a tray? Daily with drainage?
> etc..

Hi! guys, it's time to legalize. Heliamphora-I have not been growing
these types of CP for very long. The four H. hetrodoxa and one H.
ionsai x nutans seem very happy. The hybrid and one of hetrodoxa are
growing in a 20 gallon terrarium that I keep very wet. I have 2-3 inch
thick layer of peatmoss in which I planted several common Drosera, S.
purp , Darlingtonia, Cephelotus(misspelled?). The Heliamphora however
are growing in a the diagrammed method below.

( ) <-- Heliamphora
-------------\______\/_____/-------------- <-- soil level
|_____________| <-- layer of living sphagnum mosses
peat moss | |
|_____________| <-- layer of 2/3 perlite, 1/3 peatmoss

_________________________________________ -bottom of tank.

I do believe that this method of growing helps simulate the natural
humidity levels while providing the needed drainage to the rhizome and
some of the roots

The other three hetrodoxa plants are in growing conditions pretty close
to those formentioned plants (65-80% humidity). These have good
drainage, although different methods are imployed and they don't grow as
robust or as fast as the first two.

Dave Evans