Genlisea and D.binata

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Thu, 8 Dec 1994 16:32:17 -0700

>> Very very strange. I have been growing G.hispidula for a few years
>> and since

>Quite a prolific little devil, eh? Approximately how long do leaf
>cuttings take to sprout? I'm trying to determine whether mine are
>growing or rotting.

It can be pretty slow...a few months. These things tend to rot quickly,
so when I take a leaf cutting of a _Utric_ or _Genlisea_, if it stays green
for more than a few days I interpret it as a very good sign.

>I have a large Drosera binata multifida "extrema" that
>seems happy for the most part. It's covered in dew drops,
>and it's been putting up tons of leaves.

>However, it flops all over and jsut doesn't stand up well. It's
>in a peat/sand mix, stands in distilled water, and is in a southern

Whether your plant is getting enough light I couldn't say, but
this plant is dreadfully floppy in the best of conditions (at least my
plant is). I have several other clones of this plant and none are quite as

Plants with plenty of light tend to be overall suffused with red pigmentation,
on the petioles, leaf-blades, and peduncles. This is not true for all
_D.binata_ types, however, just the _D.binata var. multifida f. extrema_

I like to grow _D.binata var. multifida f. extrema_ as a hanging plant.