Drosera question, basic

Janice Ritter x5444 (ritter@floyd.HQ.ileaf.com)
Wed, 7 Dec 94 18:21:52 -0500

I have a large Drosera binata multifida "extrema" that
seems happy for the most part. It's covered in dew drops,
and it's been putting up tons of leaves.

However, it flops all over and jsut doesn't stand up well. It's
in a peat/sand mix, stands in distilled water, and is in a southern
exposure window. It's not in a terrarium - just in the house, which
is kept at 55 F. during the day, goes up to 65 in the evenings, and
back to 55 at night. Think it's just not getting enough light?
Is the heat a problem?

None of my other Drosera types have this problem, but none of them
are tall and long like the extrema, either.


Janice Ritter