Re: Greetings

Philip F. Wight (
Wed, 7 Dec 1994 07:19:43 -0800 (PST)

Loyd - welcome to the CP forum. I'm a relative newcomer myself - having
been checking in here for the last few months. My main interest is
Nepenthes, which I am collecting furiously. One month ago I had 4
plants: today I have 60 of them, with more expected to arrive soon. I
would expect to have 100 plants in house by some time in January.

I also have a sprinkling of most of the other genera, and will probably
begin expanding my saracenia, heliamphora ping and darlingtonia group in
the spring.

I found you msg to be quite interesting. I had not heard of any ping
involvement in fermentation. Would you mind expanding a bit on what you
are doing, and what role do pings play in food processing?

I have seen a medical product made from Saracenia (I think) which was on
display at the last Bay Area CP meetng. It was applied by hypodermic.

Hope to be hearing from you again soon.