Andreas Wistuba (A.Wistuba@DKFZ-Heidelberg.DE)
Mon, 5 Dec 1994 10:40:30 GMT+1

Hello all!

I just want to mention that the server mailbox from where I
receive my mail was down last week. During the process of
getting it running again an accident happened:

Some kind of feedback caused an immense propagation of my
mails (and the mails of all the other people who poll at
""). I fear that some of you received
bombardements of mails (the same mail up to 50 times!). I
want to express that I am very sorry for this but it is not
my fault.

At the moment I seem to be able to receive mails to my
"carnivor"-system but sending mails is still not OK.
therefor I write this mail from my old adress.

Also I fear that I lost mails during the time the server
was down. anybody who waits for a reply from me regarding a
mail sent to "carnivor" please send it again.

All the best


Andreas Wistuba; Mudauer Ring 227; 68259 Mannheim; Germany
Inet: /
Phone: +49-621-705471 Fax: +49-621-711307