Scott Portman (
Sun, 4 Dec 1994 13:31:50 -0600

I've been lurking on the CP list for a month or two - and read the recent
conversation on Nepenthes growing, humidity and cultivation for those
without greenhouses. I'm new to CP's, although I've been growing smaller
orchid and cacti species for a number of years. A follow-up question for
apartment dwellers: The Nepenthes I've seen at the UW greenhouses (N
alata?) are space hogs - big, leggy plants several feet high (or long).
Which are the most compact Nepenthes species, and how big do they get at
maturity? What is the most compact Nepenthes that is adapted to
warm-intermediate conditions (i.e. Cattleya orchid cultivation)?

A second question: Are there any CP's that react adversely to iron in the
water? My heating radiator leaks - although I could force the slumlord to
repair it, it occurred to me that I have a free supply of steam-distilled
water. I don't know for sure that there is disolved iron in this water,
but there might be as I don't think the heating system has been repaired
this century. The water produces no residue at all when boiled away,
unlike the hard, carbonate-rich water that the city provides.

Scott. (Foggy & 40F in Madison - feels like London!)