Re: Web questions and campaig...
Sat, 3 Dec 1994 12:59:21 -0500

Fine, I needed that.
You must understand that we have "all kinds" in the Society, from the 12 yr ol
d to the ancient collector. We all have our own concerns that need to be
I thought that this list was set up to address just such issues.
It is not a good idea to tell people that they haven't been involved long
enough to have an opinion. You'll lose those 12 year olds who are the next
generation of collectors and conservators.(not you specifically, I was
speaking in general)
I do want to say that I'm really pleased with the information I've gotten
from other CPers. Every question has been answered by someone. The list
works as is evident by the replies I've gotten on this question alone. It
may have stirred a few people, but then, isn't that better then implying
something irregular.
I had no idea that the Society was this small. It makes it all the more impor
tant to speak about issues, hot spots and involvement. It makes it all the
more important to make sure we all participate and recrute.
We all have lives, Rick. Even the 12 year olds. We all have scheduals,
committments, and deadlines, but we all have an opportunity to make a
difference here even if it is between our convergent rocks and hard places.
Thanks again for taking the time to reply.
Thanks again for the list.