Re: Wetland mitigation
Fri, 2 Dec 1994 12:52:47 -0500

Yes, well, I must say that my experience has been pretty much the same.
Fortunatly for the Suisun marsh, just after the City of Suisun "cut us a new
hole" the mitigation expert was fired or promoted so that the marsh was
allowed to replant itself. It's doing a fine job too. But the system leaves
alot to be desired. In Roseville (just outside of Sacto.)they are proposing
to fill in all the vernal pools and "dig" them somewhere else(in someone else
back yard) Vernal pools are alot more fragile than our own salt marsh (the
only way to kill a marsh is to fill it in and even then it will haunt you
with water in your basement and instability in earthquakes.)
I was just trying to get a dialogue started so that we might get a better
idea of how our candidates think and feel. Personally, I'm a bit confused as
to what to look for in an officer. What is a "proven track record" or
"leadership potential". What else should we be looking for? Someone who
knows how to grow, or someone who is involved with the issues impacting our
particular mania.
as ever,