RE - Utrics
Fri, 02 Dec 1994 10:10:08 +0930


>Has anyone here any experience with U. leptoplectra? I have a
>tiny fragment of it (assuming good ID) about 2 mm on a side and
>it is growing only extremely slowly. I'm wondering if it would
>prefer being submerged---my U.volubilis exploded into growth
>when I submerged it, but on the other hand I don't want to kill
>this plant which has the most stunningly interesting flowers.
>TAYLOR and ERIKSON don't give provide much help, saying it grows
>as a terrestrial or subaquatic, or on the margins of a pond.
>Anyone out there seen it in the field or being successfully

I don't know if this will help but here goes. The secretary of
the ACPS tells me that he saw them in the Northern Territory. He
saw them at the end of the growing season when they were setting
seed (August). At the time he saw U.leptoplectra, the ground was
dry, powdery clay, probably dry settled silt. The Utrics were
growing in filtered sunlight among sparse trees which were about
10-12 feet high.

The growing season is the wet monsoon sort, in this case, very
warm and very, very humid. Also the road in the area had been
built up 5 or 6 feet above where the Utrics were growing. This
suggests that quite a lot of water is probably lying around
during the wet season.

As for cultivation, well I'll have to pass on that one. From
photo's though I'd say this would have to be my favourite.
Hmmm.....might have to try growing it!