Re D. cistiflora
Fri, 02 Dec 1994 09:04:04 +0930


>> > I treat my D. cistiflora like a tuberous species. It get
>> by the local opening rains and then stands in a tray of water
>> over the growing season. When it starts to die off, I remove
>> pot from the water and dry it out totally. >

>Does that mean that you grow your cistiflora outside?

I only put it outside when the wet season starts to wet up the
pot but then I bring it back inside the greenhouse. I would leave
it outside if I could put it under 50-75% shade cloth.

>How strong is the sunlight it sees and for how long each day?
>What are the daytime high and nighttime low temperatures?
>And lastly, what is the humidity level it seems to enjoy?

It sits in a water tray with the rest of my Drosera in very
bright light for the whole day. Daytime highs probably range from
14-20 C, night-time about 3-10 C. I haven't the foggiest what the
humidity is in my greenhouse save to say that it definitly isn't

On a lighter note looks like summer is here after only 2 days.
The forcast maximum for today is 31 and for the next few days 34,
36, 38 C. Hmmm... good weather for a BBQ and a few coldies!