Nexus User elliott (
Tue, 29 Nov 1994 15:18:52 +1030

I suppose I had better introduce myself properly this time.
I first became interested in carnivorous plants, when I attended a show
run by the Australian Carnivorous Plant Society.
Presently I only have a very small collection ( I only really just became
serious about collecting them) of Sarracenia species and hybrids,
various Drosera, including both tuberous and pygmies, Dionea Muscipula (
I know Evereyone has These !!), some Byblis Liniflora, which I grew from
seed myself, some North American and Mexican Pinguicula ( Well to be
honest, 1 of each!), Some Urtricularia, and I am now trying my hand at
growing Highland Nepenthes. I recently obtained a Nepenthes Ventricosa,
to see how it would go in greenhouse. I also have some Cephalotus.

Sorry about my last attempt at an introduction, my transmission must have
been faulty!

I am also interested in collecting the Rubra Sub Species, but seed isn't
often available in Australia. I also am interested in the tissue culture
of CP's, and if anyone has any information on sterilisation of tissue,
could you please send it to ELLIOTT@NEXUS.EDU.AU, as I will not be
receiving discussions from the server for around two months.

Bye for Now,