ICPS elections

Barry Meyers-Rice (barry@mips3.as.arizona.edu)
Mon, 28 Nov 1994 10:46:11 -0700

Hey Steve,

I'm sorry that you are clearly mad about the comments about the elections.
The only public criticism I have made about the way these elections are
being held is that there is an appearance of impropriety that you, a
candidate, were going to get the ballots.

I applaud the energy you have put into this matter, and the organization of
the elections as a whole. I think this is a good thing and will help the
society. I think that everyone agrees that putting more vitality into the ICPS
is a good idea. So I don't think anyone is questioning that you are doing
a good job or a good thing by organizing this.

In anything you do, there will always be ways of improving it the next time
around. The next elections may be a little more smoothly run, but the point
is you have gotten the ball rolling.