Re: nepenthes mistake -Reply

Phil Soderman (
Fri, 25 Nov 1994 15:33:59 -0800 (PST)

Hi All, I am interested in a thread that has developed re copper or
copper based fungicides.

I use a copper based fungicide called Phyton 27 on a wide range of
ornamental plants. I find it provides excellent control of Botrytis and
Bacterial leaf spots, as well as powdery mildews. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THESE
ARE NOT CPs. When I use the label rate I have found no phytotoxicity.

I am curious, because several ephiphytes sp? are mentioned as being
sensitive to copper based fungicides. First Bromeliads mentioned on
another mailing group (HGA-L). Then the mention here of Nepenthes and
in the reply posting Hoya. Does anyone know of a general sensitivity of
to copper in ephiphytes? Phil Soderman On Thu, 24 Nov
1994, Rogan Roth wrote:

> Dear All,
> Copper based fungicides seem to be a no-no for many ornamental
> plants (most?). I tried a similar thing with asclepiads (Hoya
> spp and Dischidia spp) with the same results - they turned a
> peculiar shade of grey, then brown and finally black! It took
> several plants a long time to recover and some never did. Good
> ventilation seems to be the only way to prevent fungal attacks
> without having to use noxious chemicals - this can be
> problematical if you are trying to maintain a high humidity.
> Cheers for now
> Rogan Roth.