You want pictures??

Houston, James A. (
Fri, 18 Nov 94 13:34:14

Hi gang,
I hear a few of you sounding desperate for pictures...well, lately,
I've been so excited about being on this CP list, and by all of the
help from so many of you out there, that I've had my wife bring home
practically every book on the subject. She works at the Central
library here in Marietta, Georgia. The *best* book (and it's
relatively new) strictly for the pictures, is a book entitled
to question some of the text however. I say that for a couple
reasons; 1) D. spatulata is spelled *spathulata* consistently
throughout the book when that species is referenced. Dave Purks and
others own a copy of this plant and I have a tendency to trust their
spelling. 2) The book implies that S. purpurea is also the same thing
as the S. venosa? I may just be wrong, perhaps I really don't
understand the caption beneath the (beautiful) picture. For example,
the caption reads: Sarracenia puprurea var. venosa, one of the natural
variations of S. purpurea to be found in the wild; x 0.8.
Anyway, the point is, the pictures are excellent, and the text is good
and helpful too. The pictures are large, colorful, and illustrate
both containerized and naturally grown CPs. I recommend that you ask
Santa for this book!
Jim Houston