New paper on _Drosera_

Jan Schlauer (
Fri, 18 Nov 1994 16:29:17 +0100

Dear cpers!

Another recent paper on _Drosera_ just hit the newsstands:
"Some Proposals on the Infrageneric Classification of _Drosera_ L."
TAXON 43:583-589 (1994)

------- COMMENT --------
Infrageneric subdivision of this second largest genus of cp is revisited.

The news:

_Drosera_regia_ is separated as a distinct SUBGENUS (Hi Alastair! I have
always said your sect.Secundistyla is a subgenus, haven4t I?). BTW, this
idea is simply extracted from the palynological study of TAKAHASHI & SOHMA;
no cloning & sequencing required!

Sects.Bryastrum, Coelophylla, Lasiocephala, Meristocaules (!!!), Phycopsis
(!!!!), Ptycnostigma, & Thelocalyx are included in subgen. Drosera. This
view needs further revision urgently.

Arachnopus (!), Arcturia (!!!!!), Cripterisma, Proliferae (!),
Psychophila(!), Stelogyne (!!!), & Vagae are just lumped into sect.
Drosera. (Alastair, I agree with you that this cannot be supported in this

Anyway, the paper is fun to read, and it does spare me a protologue for
subgen. Regiae (I would have called it "Regina", as subgeneric names in
_Drosera_ were always a singular form in the past, but this is just
minutiae) for my key...

Kind regards, have fun!