Potassium permanganate and moss

Rogan Roth (ROTH@gate2.cc.unp.ac.za)
Fri, 18 Nov 1994 12:14:02 +200

Hello to all,

Here I go again asking stupid questions!

When growing the smaller species of CP, such as Utricularia and
Drosera, various species of moss and blue-green algae (Nostoc
sp.) can, and often do, overwhelm the plants. One of the common
methods of suppressing moss growth in horticulture is to treat
the growing medium with a dilute solution of Potassium
permanganate - when germinating seed for example. Does this
method work with CP? Are there any possible phytotoxic effects
to be expected? Are there any other methods of controlling moss
growth that are commonly used in CP culture?

Thank you for your indulgence.

Best regards from mossy South Africa!

Rogan Roth.

(Dept. of Botany, University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, Natal,
South Africa: roth@gate2.cc.unp.ac.za)