Slack's book

Thu, 17 Nov 94 16:43:58 PST

I know Doug Rowland the operator of SouthWest Seeds in England has
Slack's repr inted book Carnivorous Plants available at L12.95 plus
postage just got his cat alog a month ago. The publisher in U.K. for
Insectivorous plants.... I believe is Alphabooks in London? Mr.
Rowland also carries Mr. Temple's book Carnivorous
Plants for those with an empty space on their library shelf.

Possibly a kind person in England could research Alphabooks and phone
them to
see if they have copies of Insect-Eating plants available and of course
if it i s.....please add my name to the list of those seeking a copy!!!

While I have everyone on the line when should pygmy drosera break dormancy? I h
ave 2 species dichrosepala and leucoblasta. Any tips or tricks? I'm in the Paci
fic Northwest of the U.S. Just received first snow today
and I'm already worried about my
Sarracenia and Darlingtonia