Jeffrey Michael Stein (
Wed, 16 Nov 1994 23:24:46 -0500 (EST)

> A friend of mine recently gave me two twenty gallon aquariums which I
> would like to use as terrariums for terrestrial and epiphytic
> utricularias. I doubt, though, that the standard aquarium light (a
> single 18" fluorescent bulb) will be sufficient. Does anyone have any
> suggestions, or know of any place I could contact?
Sounds like my 'specialty'.. Even with the larger terrarium and the
outdoor bog, I always keep a couple (or more like five) empty aquariums
full of plants. What I've found to work quite well are those cheap
(~$10) shop light fixtures. Two twin bulb (48") fixtures lying on top
of a tank will grow any of the low-mid light plants (and even high light
plants if specialty bulbs are used). Put them on a timer, add plants
and distilled (RO, etc) water, cover and adjust the timer to whatever
day length you need. This worked for me all throughout high school.
(in my closet).

Now these fixtures are cheap and not extremely power efficient, but the do the
job. Make sure that you mixture bulb types. 1 warm with 1 cool, or even throw
in a grow-light bulb. Experiment..