Re: CP digest 163

Rick Walker (
Wed, 16 Nov 1994 12:06:31 -0800

Dear Geof,

> What I'd like to see is a CP specific WWW site (possibly sponsored by ICPS)
> with descriptions, color photos (scanned CPN material?), and growing
> instructions for CP species. These could be hyperlinked to a clickable
> world map to demonstrate the geographic range and diversity of CP. A Web
> site could also have searchable databases of CP suppliers, CP public
> displays, CP groups, and even individual growers (voluntary listing, of
> course). The latter would be very useful for finding other CP enthusiasts
> in your area. If ICPS participates, perhaps the membership form could
> include a release authorization for this purpose.

There is such a WWW page under development here. It has been rather slow
in getting network access, but an "alpha" version of it is now on-line.
At the moment, it is basically a graphical interface to Jan Schlauer's
taxonomic database, but there are hooks in it for adding graphical
information in the future. (For a demo, search for Dionaea - this is
the only entry with a picture at the moment).

Our listserv archives already contain CP supplier, and individual grower
lists. These will be easy to install on the server in the future.

I'm running for ICPS president, and my "campaign statement" clearly
states my intent to link this database project to the ICPS. One goal of
the project is to produce a CD-ROM from the mature database, and have it
available for general purchase. ICPS members should be getting a ballot
in the mail soon with statements from each of the candidates.

Please try out the prototype page at:

This is still under construction, but I would appreciate if you could
give me your feedback. So far, only Barry and Jan have looked at it,
and Jan had problems with the database search engine. I think it would
be helpful for a few more people to try it to help me debug any problems.

Once everything is running smoothly, I'll post instructions for
contributing photos, cultural information, etc.

Have fun!

Rick Walker