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Mon, 14 Nov 1994 09:13:20 -0500

It is my understanding that the Convention states that artificially
propagated species on Appendix I are to be treated as Appendix II species.
This, of course, depends on the local implementation of the Convention. I
believe that the US FWS does grant certificates of artificial propagation,
after the applicant has jumped through a sufficiently large number of

The full text of the CITES and all appendices are available from the
CITES-L server. They can also be obtained by anonymous ftp, at The convention can be found in english, french, or spanish
in: species/trade/cites/text_of_convention

---Tangential material starts here---

For those readers in the US, when an import permit is obtains from the US
Authorities, the paperwork returned with the permit details which taxa are
covered under CITES. (BTW, these permits are easy to obtain, are valid for
7 years, I believe, and are free, if you are a hobbiest. Commercial
importers, or probably anyone doing importation on a scale that could be
construed as commercial (multiple group orders, etc.) require a "General
Permit" which is valid for 2 years, and costs $70, I think.

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