Re Lowrie seeds
Mon, 14 Nov 1994 09:05:34 +0930

Alex wrote:

>I ordered last year from Mr. Lowrie and had a zero percent
>germination rate for
> Sarracennia (10 pkgs of different seeds)-I should have heeded
>the warning of those who had similar failure. I dont think it
>can be attributed to tachnique as every other pkg of seeds I
>started had some germination-even those that have
> been in my fridge for 3 years. I dont know whether his seeds
>are old or just not stored properly. I have written to him but
>to date have not had a replyy. I
> dont know how well people do with seeds from other Genera that
>he sells. Any comments??

Well Alex,

Suffice to say that some germinate and some don't. I have had
very mixed results from Alan's seed bank. He is also expensive. I
try to avoid it if I can.