Ron Gagliardo (
11 Nov 94 22:24:11 EST

Hello all,
I saw Jeff's response to Jim Houstons comment on finding VFTs in Atlanta.
First, thanks Jeff for the great PR! Second, Jeff is exactly right, Jim and
other interested parties in our neighborhood can stop by the gift shop at ABG
and purchase a tissue culture propagated VFT, sundew (various species
offered), Nepenthes or Pinguicula. If the shop is out, ask someone in the
shop to retrieve one from the greenhouse if they can (or call ahead to check
stock). Jeff offered another suggestion that I would like to reiterate to
online CPers. That is to become a member of the Atlanta Botanical Garden. We
are a non-profit organization. We do not receive any operating funds from the
city of Atlanta and cover our operating expenses through memberships,
endowments and fundraisers! We offer a wide variety of botanical experiences
from outdoor gardening tours and classes to the tropical environment of the
Fuqua Conservatory. The spring and fall plant sales offer some of the more
interesting plants not available from the mail order companies. We have
several very active and successful conservation programs going on involving
many rare and endangered plants (Sarracenia included!) and I have heard that
our CP collection ranks way up on the list. Several different membership
catagories are available. If anyone online would like some more information
on becoming a member, I would be happy to mail them some information. If you
are going to be in the area, call me at the garden at 404-876-5859 ext. 255
and perhaps I can show you around!
Ron Gagliardo
Curator of Carnivorous Plants