Ch'Ien Ch'Ien Lee (
Fri, 11 Nov 1994 13:28:54 -0800 (PST)

Hello fellow CP enthusiasts! My name is Ch'ien Lee and I just joined the
discussion group a few weeks ago. I'm relatively new to the world of the
internet and am still finding out how this amazing system works. Since
joining I've been overwhelmed with the great material being posted. Keep
it up.

Two years ago I began growing my first carnivorous plants (starting with
good old D. muscipula, of course). Ever since I purchased my first
nepenthes from California Carnivores last year I have become a true
nepenthophile and have quickly expanded my collection to over twenty
species. Although we have only a few wild CP here in California, there
are so many growers in the area that it is quite easy to obtain new plants.

Right now I'm in my final year (at last!) of college at UC Santa Cruz.
Last year I began working as a volunteer here in the greenhouses caring
for the small CP collection. Since then, through donations from myself,
UC Berkeley, and several others, the collection has grown very well. I
encourage anyone who is ever in the area to drop by for a visit. Since
the greenhouses are not open to the public, just email me a message in
advance to set up a date for a visit.

Incidentally, does anyone know where I can obtain a copy of Adrian
Slack's Insectivorous Plants and How to Grow Them? If anyone has an
extra book (or photocopy) I would be happy to purchase or exchange plants
for it (right now I can offer N. insignis in trade). Thanks

Happy Growing,
Ch'ien Lee