I'm really not crazy...

Houston, James A. (JH2@scires.com)
Fri, 11 Nov 94 15:31:04

I feel I had better explain why I said I would pay $100 for a VFT.
First of all let me say that because of a few patient friends I have
met on this list, I am now much wiser than I was a few days ago about
CPs, VFTs in particular.
Why did I offer $100? Simple. I had seen in a magazine that VFTs
were endangered, and I didn't know much about them at the time, but I
thought I had better act quickly to get one before they were all gone.
I took this "mission" quite seriously. My wife and I discussed it,
and we decided we wanted one (VFT). We ran across some VFT seeds from
Gurney's seed catalog, and spent quite a few dollars on seeds that
either didn't germinate, or did germinate only to die a few days
later. At around $5 a pop for a seed, needless to say, we felt both
disappointed, and demoralized in that we didn't want to "chance"
another precious seed to our inability to properly germinate it; we
were in a word, ambivalent. We decided to look for a sturdy,
healthy VFT, and I assumed $100 would do it, after all, we are talking
about an endangered plant here. Believe me when I tell you we called
every commercial GH in the Atlanta area, left messages, and orders,
but no one called us back. I would run into these people I had spoken
to on the phone in person later, and again I felt compelled to try to
obtain a VFT...they would recant a story of a man who recently offered
them $100 for one..."That "man" was me!!!" I would tell them. I still
didn't get a VFT.
I know better now....I feel great about this list I've joined, I'm
psyched up to do this and do it well...But that's the $100 VFT story,
I'm not crazy, and "no" I wasn't jesting/joking when I originally made
the offer. You all have made me much smarter, and I thank you.
More later!
Jim Houston