Re: Alan Lowrie's Pricelist

Houston, James A. (
Fri, 11 Nov 94 11:15:17

> I ordered last year from Mr. Lowrie and had a zero percent germination
wow, what a huge disappointment. i'm still relatively new, but i spent
most of last night reading and reading. my wife sarah brought home some
wonderful books with some great color, i can finally "see"
what you all are talking about.
this whole thing started when i wanted a VFT...but now, i see there are
several beautiful CPs out there.
i'm trying to do the right thing, and trying to be systematic about my
approach to this new hobby. Jeff Welch recommended that i start with
obtaining the cp.suppliers, cp.sellerlist, and cp.growlist. i did that.
after reading and looking at pictures, i am most impressed with the
following plants:
Nepanthes Rafflesiana
Nepanthes Bicalcarata
Nepanthes Ventricosa
Drosera Modesta
Cephalotus Follicularis (Albany Pitcher Plant)
Sarracenia Purpurea (Sarracenia Rubra)
incidentally, Dave Purks has this plant that i'm aware of.
and, Uticularia Alpina.
Simply stated, these plants are beautiful.
after looking at the sellerlist, i am disappointed to see that practically
every plant is listed, but it seems that alan lowrie sells them.
that is a major problem according to what i've been reading on this list.
i don't think $3 is much to pay for a seed, but it *should* germinate. I
would certainly hate to pay $50 for seeds (especially just starting out)
and not have *any* of them germinate.
is alan lowries's seed stock really as bad as everyone is saying?
i am going to join the I.C.P.S. as soon as they get my letter, can anyone
tell me if they have the seeds listed, or plants for sale or trade, and if
so, what are my chances of the seeds actually germinating?

i would also like to publicly thank those of you who have helped get me
started in this venture; Barry Meyers, Dave Purks, Jeff Welch, and the
listowner Chris Waldrop. You guys have been great. I haven't been so
excited about a hobby since collecting sports memorabilia. Can't thank
you enough.

my wife and i are planning a trip to the atlanta botanical
gardens/arboretum (i never knew that existed here prior to joining this
list) either tomorrow or next saturday, and we will certainly try to find
Ron Gagliardo and Ron Dieterman and talk to them.

Thanks Again,

Jim Houston