Sarracenia Seed Available

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Thu, 10 Nov 1994 18:07:02 -0700

Hurry hurry hurry!

This fall I have a few extra seed packets from my Sarracenia breeding
program. Sorry to say, but there aren't as many seeds this year for general
distribution as I'd like but this is because I had to fulfill some trading
obligations that had accumulated over the year, etc. But I do have a few

Here is the method of distribution I intend to use. Look over the list
below and email to me a list of the packets you want, if any. I will
archive the responses in the order in which they arrive. When I receive
your request, I will email a note to you saying I got your order. This
way we will both know the mail connection between us is good. PLEASE DO
NOT USE THE CP LISTSERV to communicate orders to me. This would clog
the emails with nonsense of little interest to other people. If you
really can't contact me, use the LISTSERV as a last resort. One of the
following email addresses for me should work: (this is the best) (an
alternate---use only if the first doesn't work) (an alternate---use only if the others don't

All orders are due by 24 November. At this time I will fill the orders in a
first-come first-served basis, subject to personal and unfair biases. :)
For example, I prefer international shipments because as we've recently
discussed these are CITES Appendix II plants and most easily shipped overseas
by seed. I will then contact everyone who has emailed me and tell them if and
how many seed packets I could reserve for them.

Of course, nothing is free in life, and I'm asking for a base $2 US plus
an additional $1 US per seed packet (or the approximate equivalent in your
country's currency---paper money only). Only when I contact you should you
even think about sending money to me.

Disclaimer: I am not in this for the money (heh heh), and actually dread
this entire process. If you have ever sorted a few hundred seed packets for
shipping you know the peculiar sort of insanity the process inspires. Any
seed left over will be happily shipped by me to various CP association
seed-banks, so that Tom Johnson or others can bother with them! The money
part is mostly just to kick me out of my complacency. Each seed packet will
contain 15--50 seeds, depending upon how many people requested a packet.
I will accomodate as many people as I can.

Here is what is available. In all crosses the maternal (seed) parent is
listed first, so in the case of accidental selfings or other pollinations you
will know the identity of at least one parent. In your order, it is easiest
if you identify the plant by its single letter code (i.e. A--N). Orders can
be vague if you want (i.e. ``Just send me five packets of whatever you have'')
and you can specify alternates if you desire. All seedlings should be very
vigorous, since none are from selfings.

A) S.flava(5) X flava(2)
B) S.minor(1) X minor(3)
C) S.alata(1) X leucophylla(1)
D) S.alata(3) X oreophila(1)
E) S.flava(5) X oreophila(1)
F) S.leucophylla(1) X alata(4)
G) S.leucophylla(1) X flava(5)
H) S.leucophylla(1) X purpurea venosa(2)
I) S.leucophylla(2) X rubra gulfensis(1)
J) S.minor(1) X psittacina(3)
K) S.alata(4) X popei(2)
L) S.popei(2) X alata(1)
M) S.popei(2) X leucophylla(1)
N) S.popei(2) X purpurea venosa(2)
The following plants are NOT available (they are my breeding stock) but
you may find this information about the parents interesting. Location
information is given when available.

S.alata(1)---typical plant, tall, red-veined green pitchers, cream
flower S.alata(3)---all-red plant, cream-yellow flower.
S.alata(4)---nearly all-red plant, yellow flower, Mobile Co. AL
S.flava(2)---tall plant with throat spot and red veins on inner pitcher
surface S.flava(5)---very large all-green plant with red throat spot
S.leucophylla(1)---typical plant with green and red veins. Big flower
S.leucophylla(2)---typical plant with green and red veins. Small flower
S.minor(1)---typical small plant S.minor(3)---giant type from
Okefenokee, Charlton Co. S.oreophila(1)---small plant with delicate red
veining S.psittacina(3)---extra big clone, Calhoun Co. S.purpurea
venosa(2)---var. burkei, Calhoun Co. S.rubra gulfensis(1)---normal
plant, Walton Co. S.X popei(2)---a hybrid with parentage being S.rubra
gulfensis X flava rugelii

Barry Meyers-Rice
Steward Observatory
University of Arizona
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