Christopher Waldrop (
Fri, 04 Nov 1994 12:13:03 -0600 (CST)

Hello all! I'm Chris Waldrop, a new addition to the world of
carnivorous plants, but I've absorbed as many books and as much
information as possible, as well as started a small collection.
Working for a library helps with the information, and living in
Tennessee will (hopefully) allow me to maintain a fairly wide
collection because of our mild winters and warm summers.
Currently my collection consists of several sundews, including a
mystery plant which resembles D. capillaris in all respects except it
has formed a large clump. It produced several pale pink flowers
this summer, and the leaf cuttings look exactly like D. capillaris
plants. Does anyone have any ideas?
I also have the standard VFT, a sarracenia, some pings, and what I
believe is U. prehensilis (only time and flowering will tell).
I am very interested in adding more utricularias, and possibly
genlisea, to my collection, partly because I understand these plants
grow well in lower light levels. Because my wife is a succulent
grower, all the sunny windows in the house are occupied so I have
to make do with a window that receives some bright indirect light,
and supplement that with fluorescent grow lights. (I don't have the
resources for high or low pressure sodium lights.)
Anyone with any suggestions of plants for lower light levels, or ways
of supplementing where natural light is poor, please let me know.