cps in Colombia

Jan Schlauer (zxmsl01@studserv.zdv.uni-tuebingen.de)
Thu, 3 Nov 1994 11:11:11 +0100

Dear Leon,
Welcome aboard!

>Also, I would like to know more about cps from my country (I am aware of
>only one species of Drosera from Colombia, but the original site was
>wiped out). If anyone is interested he or she is welcome to contact me.

First, you should try to obtain a copy of the well-written and still useful
accounts on Colombian cps by FERNANDEZ-PEREZ (CALDASIA 9:c.15-55, 1964 &
CALDASIA 9:c.225, 1965).

Here is a (probably incomplete!) list of cps which do, did, or might occur
in Colombia:

_Drosera capillaris_
_D.colombiana_ (Type from Llanos de S.Martin, Meta, ENDEMIC!)
_D.intermedia_ ?

_Genlisea filiformis_

_Pinguicula calyptrata_ (Andes in S Colombia and Peru; SUBENDEMIC!)
_P.elongata_ (Type from Sierra de Sta.Marta; Andes in N Colombia
and Venezuela, SUBENDEMIC! You live close to it, and this is one
of the strangest species in this genus. It is worth a trip.)

_Utricularia alpina_ (epiphyte!)
_U.asplundii_ (epiphyte! Also Ecuador and Venezuela SUBENDEMIC!)
_U.chiribiquetensis_ (terrestrial, type from Cerro de Chiribiquete,
Vaupes, also Venezuela; SUBENDEMIC!)
_U.endresii_ (epiphyte!)
_U.erectiflora_ (terrestrial)
_U.flaccida_ (terrestrial-aquatic)
_U.gibba_ (aquatic)
_U.hispida_ (terrestrial)
_U.hydrocarpa_ (aquatic)
_U.jamesoniana_ (epiphyte!)
_U.juncea_ (terrestrial)
_U.laxa_ (terrestrial)
_U.lloydii_ (terrestrial)
_U.longeciliata_ (terrestrial)
_U.nana_ (terrestrial)
_U.neottioides_ (rheophyte!!)
_U.nervosa_ (terrestrial)
_U.oliveriana_ (rheophyte!!)
_U.pubescens_ (terrestrial)
_U.pusilla_ (terrestrial)
_U.schultesii_ (terrestrial, type from Rio Cuduyari, Vaupes,
also Venezuela; SUBENDEMIC!)
_U.simulans_ (terrestrial)
_U.subulata_ (terrestrial)
_U.tenuissima_ (terrestrial)
_U.tricolor_ (terrestrial)
_U.unifolia_ (epiphyte!)

You see, you live in one of the (few) blessed countries on this planet
which are home to all three genera of Lentibulariaceae!

If you are interested in more specific information on locations, please
tell me the species, and I will try to find out more.

Kind regards from Germany (with no Andes around, and no wild _Genlisea_)