Re: Re U. menziesii -Reply

Rogan Roth (
Wed, 2 Nov 1994 8:27:27 +200

Hello to fellow CP lovers,

I have very recently signed on to the CP list (yesterday in
fact!) so please forgive me for not posting an introduction at
this moment in time (I am preparing one at present). Suffice it
to say that I have been a CP lover for many years and have also
been after U. menziesii for many years as well! Utricularias are
my main interest and I have a small collection of mainly South
African Lentibulariaceae and some South American species.

Does anybody know of a commercial (or private) source of
Utricularia seed?

Thank you
Rogan Roth.

Botany Dept., University of Natal, South Africa.