Sarracennia flowers
Sun, 30 Oct 1994 22:42:26 +1200

The first of my Sarracennia are flowering, and as it's the first good
look I've had at these flowers, can someone confirm what I think I see.

Is the structure arising from the centre of the flower, dropping down
before spreading into an upturned, cup-shaped structure the style?

Are the protuberances at the tips of the lobes on this structure the stigmas?

Do the petals? that hang down and effectively seperate the anthers from
the above structures help to promote outcrossing?

If so, does the flower become more open at a later date, presumably when
the stigmas are no longer receptive?

If this is nonsense, whats a good reference for the floral anatomy of
this species?


Fraser Broom
New Zealand