Re Taylors book
Tue, 25 Oct 1994 08:33:00 +0930

Hey John,

>Has anyone been able to obtain a copy of _The Genus Utricularia,
>A Taxonomic Monograph_ from Kew Gardens? I attempted to order
>it from
>Waldon Books the other day; it doesn't even show up in their
>computer when the ISBN number is used. They went ahead an
>entered a special order for me, but they didn't seem
>particularly optomistic about the outcome. Does anyone have any
>suggestions? It has occured to me that
>I might have to order it from the US distributor myself. Does
>anyone know who that might be?

I had been hunting this book down for a long time and I know for
a fact that Kew Gardens has reprinted the book and it is
currently available (unless they've run out again ;) ). You might
try and contact Kew Gardens directly.