Tim P Quirk (tquirk@flute.aix.calpoly.edu)
Sat, 22 Oct 1994 17:58:32 -0700 (PDT)


CP show up in odd places. I was recently browsing around our local KMart
and stumbled upon some VFT's grown in those tiny little terrriums - if
you can call them that. I know that this is no surprise. VFT's aren't
that uncommon, but right next to them were some Darlingtonia californica.
These were also grown in those little clear boxes. All of the plants
appeared to be grown from tissue culture and were quite small and feeble
looking. I debated on getting one or two until I turned around and saw
these massive Darlingtonia for sale. They were at least 10 times larger
than the other ones and half the price- $2.97. These plants were marketed
in clear plastic bags and the roots were wrapped in sphagnum moss. These
plants actually looked quite nice and had many pitchers on them. I
decided to salvage one and hope that it grows nicely next to my other CP.
The company that sold these plants is called Feader Nurseries. Anyone
familiar with them?

Happy growing,