Re: Intermedia

Jan Schlauer (
Wed, 19 Oct 1994 09:34:29 +0100

Dear Robert,

Please forgive my interference but I cannot resist to throw in some
nomenclatural minutae.;-)

> I have been having trouble getting my Drosera intermedia and my Drosera
>Mixta, (Intermedia X filiformas) to do well in any condition. I've tried damp

The first legitimate name for the hybrid _Drosera filiformis * intermedia_
is _Drosera * hybrida_ (MACFARLANE, TRANS.PROC.BOT.SOC.PENNA.2:90, 1899).
A "Drosera Mixta" has (to the best of my knowledge) never been published.

TNX for your patience
Kind regards