Re: Nepenthes Excursion in SE Asia

Walter Greenwood (
Fri, 14 Oct 1994 16:09:41 EST5EDT

> From: Perry Malouf <>
> Now that my travel plans are set, I'm asking the
> more experienced among the general readership for some
> advice about a Nepenthes excursion through SE Asia.

Three bits of advice.

1) Do yourself (and eventually the rest of us) a favor and bring back
a few million seeds.

2) After you collect the seeds, store them in something that will
keep rats out, or they will have a feast. This is especially true
when you are still out in the habitat. Wrap the inflorescenses
loosely in newspaper so they don't stay too moist, but keep the
critters out of them, too.

3) Don't dress too well. There are plenty of poor, angry folks in
that part of the world who, unfortunately, like to do harm to rich-
looking Americans.

4) (THERE ARE 4 BITS OF ADVICE!) Have a blast.