Re: Byblis germination
Fri, 14 Oct 1994 09:25:15 +0930


>I saw all the discussion on the Byblis seed germination. I
>suggest any interested party contact Mr. Brian Cochran, P.O.
>Box 62128, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23466-2128. I have never
>seen anyone grow this genus like Brian. He has taken Lowries'
>seeds and turned them into big, beautiful specimens! Not only
>does he successfully grow several forms of B. gigantea, but also
>some new forms of B. liniflora that are truly amazing! He has
>prepared a very easy, step by step protocol for growing these
>from seed, I am sure he would be willing to share his

Instead of us all driving Brian crazy, perhaps it would be a good
idea to contact him and then organize to post something to the
group as a whole. That way everyone gets the info and sanity is