Drosera capensis seed

Clarke Brunt (CLARKE@lsl.co.uk)
Mon, 10 Oct 1994 10:21:11 GMT

>>I just noticed my Drosera Capensis flower stalk...

>Mine has been blooming also. Are they self pollinating?

Many of us can't resist a chuckle when this subject comes up. The real
question is 'How do you stop them producing seed?' - answer: cut off
the flower stalk before they ripen. They self pollinate, set seed
profusely, scatter it from the lower flowers while the upper ones
are still in bloom, and then germinate in all your other pots!
This applies equally to some other Drosera. At least its easy to raise
a few more for sale or swapping whenever needed.

I repotted my tuberous Drosera yesterday. Some tubers already had a
(below ground) shoot, so some care was needed. Some D. peltata seed
collected from my own plants have germinated profusely - much quicker
sown fresh from the plant than when I sowed commercial seed, though this
may be because the timing suited them better. These are coming up just
as the parent tubers are coming into growth.

Clarke Brunt