RE: Flowering Sarracenia...

Brian Jones (
Sat, 8 Oct 94 17:44:20 PDT

[Nifty stuff about humid air deleted]

That sounds about right, the air is quite humid sometimes inside
the terrarium. Fortunately, every plant that I own has some sort
of Godzilla complex and is self-propagating, after a fashion. I've
split both my Sarr's, the drosera won't quit, and the Ping is legend.
(Yes Ross, some of the tiniest seem to put out plantlets at their tips)

Anyway, I'd like to grow some Sarr's out in the house. Any tips on how
to grow some like a houseplant? I was hoping something like
Sarr. leucophylla would grow in the kitchen...


P.S. Dave, I haven't forgotten, just busy.