Soil pH

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Thu, 06 Oct 1994 21:01:00 +0900

Hi All,

Mr.and Mrs.Osaka(my friends) had visited Australia in the latter part of
Sept .. '94. And they, long hair young man(from Kew Botanical Garden)
and very kind Aussie person had visted many cp habitats in WA.

I had called on Mr.and Mrs.Osaka at Sun, 2 Oct '94. I had got a chance
to look at many photographs of Australian cp habitats. And I had got a
chance to check pH of some soils. I am diffident about saying this
result. Because the samples were very very small quantity.

Cephalotus( between Mt.Barker and Arbany) :pH 4.1

Polypompholyx multifida and Drosera scorpioides (between Denmark and
Arbany) :pH 4.4

Utricularia menziesii ( near Mt.Barker National Park ) :pH 4.9

Drosera paleacea and D.pulchella ( near Denmark ) :pH 5.4

Unfortunately they could not vist the habitat of Byblis gigantea. They
had car trouble.

pH meter: HORIBA Twin pH meter B-112
Kind regards from Japan Isao Takai

PS: I hope you can understand my poor English.