Re: Heliamphora blooming

James Powell (
Wed, 28 Sep 94 15:55:27 -0400

The flower stem is growing rapidly. Can I assume that a flowering plant has
more or less reached its maximum size?

What are the problems with setting seed under artificial lights?

Yes I would like to try hybridizing. Heliamphora hybrids are so much more
vigorous than the species. I'll make arrangements with you via private e-mail.

> If you are growing your plants in a greenhouse it should be possible

> to produce seeds. I know nobody who ever had seeds under artificial

> lights.
> It is important to be aware that the female part of the flower is

> ripe when the flower just starts opening.
> Take an anther of the older flower and break it in half. Dip the

> break onto the stigma of the flower which has just opened.

> If you are interested in producing hybrids I could send you pollen of

> H. ionasii in some time. My flowers are just the same stage as yours

> by now.


> Andreas



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