Live NZ sphagnum, and other stuff

Tue, 27 Sep 1994 6:41:52 -0400 (EDT)

Hi everyone,

I've been having e-mail problems with my computer
account recently, and so I haven't been able to receive
or send messages for a few days. I hope this posting
doesn't include material that already appeared here.

In a previous message there was written about New Zealand sphagnum moss:

>One type that is very difficult to find is live NZ sphagnum. I
>personally have never been able to find it available. Everything I have
>seen is dried and compressed. I do not know what your grading standards
>so I cannot comment with any more intelligence on that topic.

I purchased a bale of dried NZ sphagnum from OFE. When I
used it for my Nepenthes and other plants, in a short while
there sprouted green sphagnum growth. I guess there are
spores in the dried stuff that can germinate. It's actually
quite pretty, and makes an attractive cover for the potting
material. I imagine that you might be able to cultivate
your own live NZ sphagnum from this sort of growth, if you
can dedicate the space to it.

In other news, I expect to lose my computer accounts this
Friday. Alas, with the completion of my doctorate I have
lost my employment here and am currently looking around for
another job. I've made arrangements to access internet through
Digital Express, so I should be back on line to this group
after I lose my present accounts. Hopefully there won't be
a gap in access, but that depends on when the Digital Express
account kicks in.


Perry Malouf