Re: What is a ping?

Walter Greenwood (
Thu, 22 Sep 1994 16:32:26 EST5EDT

Bruce adds ...
> Ping is also the name for the sound your sonar sends through
> the water to find an enemy submarine.

This is actually where the computer networking term came from. You
send a ping and wait for it to come back, just like sonar and radar.

> S. Hop Ping: Famous Chinese designer of Malls. (Sorry)

Oh, yes, and one of the administrative types from Puccini's last
opera, _Turandot_ (Ping, Pang, and Pong). Real Italian Chinese names!
Not quite so ludicrous as the "Japanese" names from _The Mikado_.

Now, about those cavernous planets ...

1) Is anybody out there mass-producing those red VFTs yet?

2) Does anyone know where one can obtain LIVE New Zealand Sphagnum?

3) I picked up a book on clearance at the university bookstore with a
cover photo by Tom Eisner of a fly stuck to a sundew. It is _LIFE AT
THE EDGE_, Readings From Scientific American, edited by James and
Carol Gould, 1989. It contains Yolande Heslop-Harrison's article from
February, 1978. It also has an interesting article about how some
species of ants have become so dependent upon slave labor from other
species of ants that they can no longer even feed themselves. Sort of
like a few co-workers I know.

Jaa, mata ashita.