Note added in proof

Jan Schlauer (
Thu, 22 Sep 1994 11:44:18 +0100

Dear Nepen-theologians,

I just realized that the phrase:

"(Nobiles/Insignes DANSER, rearranged)"

which I have mailed yesterday may be too short and implicit to be readily

I think the Insignes are sufficiently heterogeneous to think about
inclusion or association of the _N.hirsuta_ group, which was placed in
DANSER4s Nobiles (together with _N.spectabilis_). A "bridge" might be
constructed via _N.macrovulgaris_ and the Philippine members of Insignes. I
do know _N.deaniana_ only from the descriptions of MACFARLANE. This may
also be somewhere "in between".

I admit this is rather speculative. Therefore, I would be thankful for any
better ideas (this is indeed the reason why I did send the whole stuff).

Kind regards