Re: Feeding pings and drosera...

Wed, 21 Sep 1994 8:48:15 -0400 (EDT)

BJ was kind enough to send me some pings and
they are now growing nicely. I have tried to
feed them a dispatched flour beetle _Tribolium
confusum_ and the leaf on which I placed it
died within two days. I have repeated this
on a second plant and the same thing happened.
I interpret this to mean that the flour beetle
is an inappropriate food, or is too much food
for the small leaves I have at present.

Yesterday I noticed that the pings had put out
a few new leaves. I put a very tiny amount of
Knox unflavored gelatine crystals (maybe 10 xls)
on two leaves. The leaves look great 24 hours
later. Of course gelatin seems like an unnatural
food, but maybe it works for small individuals.
I'll repost if I find any negative effects or
if the feeding seems to improve the growth of
the pings.