Re: Feeding pings and drosera...

Brian Jones (
Tue, 20 Sep 94 18:53:37 PDT

> If you're growing Pings well they won't need hewlp with feed.
> Generally Pings catch all they need in the form of Gnats or similarly
> sized flies. If your plants are looking sickly, feeding them might
> actually push them over the edge!

[ ... Tips on not squashing out the nutrients of flies deleted ... ]
> Paul

Well, my Pings and Drosera live in an enclosed terrarium, and can
not access gnats (unless I put them there). While I have attempted
to grow fruit flies inside, nothing really ever seemed to eat them.
So lately I've been dropping little ants on top of the Pings, and
stuffing mostly dead flies into my Dionea.

Is this what I must do to keep my little plants happy?