RE:Darlingtonia pH
Tue, 20 Sep 1994 14:18:12 +0930

>I don't know the PH of Darlingtonia soil. You can call the
>county agricultural offices for the areas around Newport and
>O'Brien Oregon.

Probably a bit difficult to find out from Australia

>Darlingtonia Wayside is not very far from the sea and the
>Darlingtonia grow in clumps in a swamp in the trees. Near
>O'Brien Oregon, 90 miles inland, they grow in a broad mildly
>swampy area with fresh mountain water flowing through. The soil
>looked like chirdy loam, reddish brown in color, and surrounded
>by trees on hills on both sides of the swamp. Call the
>agriculture/forestry person around Cave Junction. I'm sure
>there's someone around there who will send you an envelope of
>dirt, if you want to test it yourself.

I think the authorities would have me shot if I tried this.