caterpillar in Sarrs

Phil Mueller (
Sat, 17 Sep 94 23:01:53 CDT

I have discovered a very interesting caterpillar inside the pitchers
of my native S. alata. It is about an inch long and is wine-red and
white.(very pretty) It has four pair of what might be stinging clumps
of hairs on the first body segments. It seems to feed exclusively on
the inner surface of the pitcher. It never seems to break through
the pitcher wall. Has anybody on the list experienced these
creatures. I have collected a few and given them to an entomologist
at Xavier U., but he hasn't keyed them out yet.

Another anomaly that I've notived in my little bog is a VFT that
produces a few double traps. I usually feed them immature mexican
bean beetles and when I place one on a double trap, they both close.


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