Re: Thrips tips

Patrick Cox (
Fri, 16 Sep 1994 16:19:31 AST

=>So I have Sarracenia with thrips problems, right? I took them inside and
=>carefully attacked all the infestations with cotton swabs and isopropyl
[stuff deleted]
=>A week later they had returned, smirking at me in their arthropodal way.

BUZZ!!! Thrips have a soil stage in their life cycle.

=>Then I recalled the wise words of Michael Chamberland, and tried submerging
=>a few pots of infested plants. About 4 days underwater, then I brought the
=>plants back into the air.

The thrips emerging from the soil (or eggs) drown. I'd be afraid that
the plant might be affected as well, from lack of oxygen. They aren't
able to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from water all that

Malathion works good too. Make sure to get the soil wet with it as
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