Sarracenia repens

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Thu, 15 Sep 1994 12:42:24 +0700

Regarding toppling _Sarracenia_...

Sure, this happens with _S.alata_ and can be very frustrating. The pitchers
are just rather flimsy. _S.rubra alabamensis_ and _S.rubra wherryi_ are
often just as bad. I've used wire hoops as described by (I think) John T.
I have a clone of _S.alata_---pubescent, which is very sturdy. But I think
this plant is influenced by _S. purpurea_.

It's a little surprising that your _S.minor_ are doing this, however. I have
several clones of _S.minor_, both normal and ``giant'' types from Okefenokee.
None topple over. I've seen them topple, however, when not getting enough
light and becoming etiolated.

Now that I think of it, one clone of _S.minor_, a plant from near Okefenokee
but not really a giant plant, does have a toppling tendency. I got this plant
from Peter Northcote before he left for New Zealand. Unfortunately I can't
seem to get ahold of him---I owe him postage/plant money!