re: S.flava and S.alata

Federico Fontana (fede%hqlab@Olivetti.Com)
Thu, 15 Sep 94 06:41:27 GMT

(previus text deleted) (John Taylor [Catweasel]) wrote:

>I often have this problem with S.alata and S.minor (and occasionally on
>other plants). I'm not sure what causes this - it's something I've just
>learnt to live with... You could put a wire "hoop" (I think they use them
>for tomatoes?) in the pot to give the pitchers some support.
> ___
> (_|_) <--- The wire "hoop" looks something like this - it's supported
> | | | by the 3 or 4 vertical wires.
> | | |
> | |

I was made it, but i would like known causes of this problem.
Thank you